People's Daily: The industrial added value in the first quarter increased by 24.5% year on year

People's Daily: The industrial added value in the first quarter increased by 24.5% year on year

(Summary description)How did China's industry and economy perform in the first quarter of this year?

People's Daily: The industrial added value in the first quarter increased by 24.5% year on year

(Summary description)How did China's industry and economy perform in the first quarter of this year?

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  How did China's industry and economy perform in the first quarter of this year?

  "Thanks to targeted epidemic prevention and control and favorable policies,the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size grew by 24.5 percent year-on-year in the first quarter,maintaining the rapid growth trend of the fourth quarter of last year.The industrial economy showed a three-fold trend of steady recovery,consolidation and improvement."Huang Libin,spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau,said at a press conference at the STATE Information Office on April 20.

  The recovery is broadening.In the first quarter,40 out of 41 major industrial sectors saw year-on-year growth.

  New business forms are growing rapidly.In the first quarter,the total telecom business grew by 27.4%year on year.The integration of online and offline services accelerated,and new models such as online education and telemedicine performed well.

  Both inside and outside need continuous improvement.In the first quarter,the added value of consumer goods production increased by 18.6 percent year-on-year,and the export value of mechanical and electrical products increased by 53.5 percent year-on-year...

  What does"24.5 percent"mean?

  --The 24.5 percent figure is attributed to the accelerated transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to achieve high-quality development.

  Walking into Shuangyashan Coal Mine in Heilongjiang Province,the gangue separation robot independently developed by Citic Heavy Industry Kaicheng Intelligent Equipment Company is easily identifying,sorting and distributing gangue in a single process."Working for 12 hours,the robot can sort about 35 tons of coal,which is 8 times more efficient than manual separation."The person in charge of the company said that not only that,special robots have been applied to mining,ventilation,washing and other links,greatly improving the level of intelligent coal mine.

  The deep integration of industrialization and information technology has injected vitality into traditional manufacturing industry.In the first quarter,the equipment manufacturing industry maintained a momentum of rapid growth,with its added value up 39.9%year on year,and its two-year average growth rate of 9.7%.In the first two months,its profit increased by 7.1 times year on year,and the output of construction machinery,industrial robots and other products increased by more than 70%.

  --The 24.5 percent figure is attributed to the accelerated development of emerging industries and the constant emergence of new areas of growth.

  At the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition,in front of the booth of Shenzhen Youjia Innovative Technology Co.,LTD.,customers came to inquire about the scheme of global sensing intelligent driving in an endless stream."Through continuous investment in research and development,we have achieved localised production of everything from intelligent driving computing platforms to sensors that can provide customised solutions to our customers."Liu Guoqing,the company's founder,said that in the first quarter,the transaction volume of intelligent driving equipment in enterprises increased nearly 10 times from a year earlier.

  The performance growth of YOUka innovation is the epitome of the new technology to stimulate the new economic momentum.Data show that in the first quarter,the added value of China's high-tech manufacturing industry grew by 31.2%year-on-year,with an average growth rate of 12.3%in the past two years,faster than the overall manufacturing level.The output of smart low-carbon products grew rapidly,with the output of new energy vehicles increasing 3.1 times year-on-year in the first quarter.

  --The"24.5 percent"figure can be attributed to the continued effectiveness of the enterprise assistance and rescue policies to better stimulate the vitality of market entities.

  "We had 10 R&D projects last year,which benefited from tax and fee cuts.The cost of research and development alone has been reduced by 23 million yuan."Zhu Lihua,financial manager of Zhejiang Yifeng Machinery Co.,LTD.,said that tax cuts and exemptions have given enterprises the power to upgrade their technology and expand production.This year,they will spend more energy and funds on upgrading manufacturing processes and cracking down on patented technologies.

  We will increase the proportion of additional deductions for manufacturing R&D expenses,further review and standardize enterprise-related charges...A series of pro-enterprise rescue policies have taken effect,invigorating and invigorating more small and medium-sized enterprises.Statistics show that the overall production and operation of small and medium-sized enterprises has been improving.In the first two months of this year,the total revenue and profit of smes above designated size increased by 51.9 percent and 1.8 times year on year respectively,with an average growth rate of 10.2 percent and 29.2 percent respectively in the past two years.The profit margin of operating revenue reached 6 percent.The business environment of smes has continued to rebound and their development vitality has been strengthened.


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