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YisiruiShaanxi Yisirui Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.locate in Xi’an city of Shaanxi Province,which was the famous ancient capital of 13 dynasties.The Company devotes continuously to researching and developing、producing、marketing of series of driver seats and their parts,including trucks、Construction Machinery、bus、commercial vehicle、railway、Boating、Mine vehicle、RV and so on.
The company has high quality technical team and different high-precison testing and machining equipments.With the core of mechanical technology,Yisirui has developed different kinds of seats according to customer’s requirement,which are widely used for port terminal equipment、marine surveillance ship、heavy truck、armored vehicle、road sweeper etc.Relaying on years of importing and exporting marketing experience,Yisirui always provides high quality drives seats and parts to serve customers at home and abroad.
Manufacturing with physical structure principle of artificial science,Our products are advanced leading level in the world.The key components of seats are imported from Germany,it is more safety,stability and comfortable.Our products have 5 series and over one hundreds kinds of seats,including static、air suspension、luxury multifunction air suspension and new design integrated luxury multifunction air suspension seats,total 100 kinds of products.The products have exported to more than 20 countries,contains Europe、Africa、Asia、Australia、South America etc.
The company has strict quality management system.Some seats has our own letter of patent.Our products provides CCC certificate,CE and PAHS certificate etc.
With the enterprise Principle of"Customer first,User satisfaction",Yisirui committed to serve customers at home and abroad customers.Our ultimate aim is user’s continuous satisfaction and enterprise‘s sustainable development.We appreciated to gaining your recognition meanwhile welcome friends to visit、study and business negotiations.




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